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Our downwind boards feature a low drag mixed displacement / planing hull to get you going with less effort. The gentle front keel helps direct the board and allows you to pump through touchdowns and keep going.

As a lightwind wing board, this board is a game changer, allowing you to size down your wing and/or foil to have sessions when the others are sitting on the beach.

Epic upwind/downwind wing runs become a reality with this board.

These boards also feature a front mounted futures center fin slot for an optional skeg fin. A useful addition for those still perfecting their paddling technique.

All boards feature full carbon DoubleStringer construction, producing some of the stiffest foil boards available on the market.


Volume Board Type Size (in) Size (cm) Model
88 L Downwind* 6' 2'' x 18.9'' 189 x 48 cm P28
100 L Downwind 6' 2'' x 21.3'' 189 x 54 cm P25
115 L Downwind 6' 7'' x 23.2'' 200 x 59 cm P27
134 L Downwind 7' 0'' x 26.2'' 213 x 66.5 cm P26


*The 88L board is a short skinny board