Compact Kite Foil Board

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We are proud to introduce the Compact Kite Foil board. 

This is a lightweight board that's great for travel foil boarding. At 4'8" it fits in a standard kite golf bag. We have solid Futures Foil inserts and a 3-fin thruster setup.

You don't need a large board to have fun in the waves! Featuring our SensationTM Carbon construction with a full carbon wrap and Kevlar® rails, it is both lightweight and durable. 

In addition, this board boast our proprietary DoubleStringerTM  Foil mount technology - an exceptionally rigid and secure track foil mount that robustly connects the foil to the board.

It is meant for riders of all sizes and skill levels.

It features a single to double concave for smoothing out the chops and a sharp rail all around for improved upwind capability when riding without fins

It also boasts a decent 23 Liter volume, giving that extra bit of float to help out during lulls when things get gusty.

This board excels in smaller surf when riding strapless and straps are included for taking on the gnarly stuff. A compact size means less rotational inertia if you feel inspired to do a bit of freestyle.  

You're traveling the world and you're exploring new spots. You need a board that will be fun to ride no matter the conditions. This is the board for you. 

Board size:

4'8" / 142cm Length

17.7" / 45cm Width

2.0" / 5.2cm Thick

23 Liter volume

Foil mount: 90mm Track mount, Futures





Footstraps and hardware